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SpiroVision 3+TM


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Windows Driven – Works with Windows NT4.0, 2000, or XP on a notebook or PC nComplete Spirometry – FVC (Flow Volume loops and t/V curves), SVC and MVV tests, Pre/Post Comparison, Broncho-challenge TestingnCost-effective – Can be used with your choice of mouthpiece or bacterial filter, so you control the cost and quality of your disposables. nPediatric Incentive – “Bubbles” encourages patients to perform tests properly, so you have optimal results quickly and easily.nMultiple test display – Graphs and data from different sessions can be put on the same report for comparison.nTrend analysis – Several parameters from different sessions can benplotted on the same trend graph for analysis.nQuality control messages – Computer-driven messages help the technician recognize testing errors and validate a maneuver’s technical quality.

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